Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cute Collection of Valentine's Ideas and FREE Printables!!!

Treat yourself and show that extra special someone you care with our Keep Collective Meaningful Jewelry Line and send lots of love this Valentines with our some of the cute free printables and ideas we've collected for this post!!!

For this post we have scavenger hunted through hundreds of darling webpages and printables out there to put together and share ten of our favorite FREE PRINTABLES for Valentines this year and have included our DIY designs from our handmade craft cards last year as well!!! We hope you enjoy, share the love, and have a Merry February 

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First I wanted to share this super cute FREE PRINTABLE banner from www.iheartnaptime.net that we are very excited to add to our door decor and will probably switch to read OxxO since that's how we like to express it here @thingsthatiheart ( hugs and kisses times infinity ;) I figured I'd post the traditional XOXO way with www.iheartnaptime.net photo links above and below for you though...

Our second set of darling FREE PRINTABLES my daughter and I found some adorable chalked designed hot cocoa labels from www.yellowblissroad.com and while we love the idea of giving them with a cup full of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows to close friends; we plan is to use them tied around cocoa mix bags to give to my daughter's class in which case there are a large number of kids so mugs would be a bit pricey. You can check out Yellow Bliss Road's huge array of cute Valentine's printables, darling hot chocolate bar idea, and some of their FREE Printables through the photo/links below... 

Both my kids and I agree we really heart these Free Printable Valentines from www.tatertotsand jello.com to use as our cards to give to their Grandparents!!! My daughter of course wants to give the pink ones and son is happy to give them the red heart ones ;) as usual we will all write a short but sweet loving note inside and plan to give them some new family photos to replace the old display ones in their home this year

On a side note www.tatertotsandjello.com also has tons of adorable display ideas and links as well; just clink on one of the links above to go check them out and get their free printables!!!

For my son's classroom we were excited to find these two awesome FREE PRINTABLES from www.positivelysplendid.com and www.thecottagemarket.com to put together this year!!! I love that they are candy free and puntastic (yes iheart puns;) and my son's estatic that they look like arrows since he has loved arrows for as long as I can remember and constantly draws them on everything!!! Printable photo links are above for "valentine, you are just write;" and below for " you're the write one for me!"

The hopelessly romantic soul inside of me couldn't resist making this Beautiful Victorian Print Booklet below to put together for my significant other... "How do I love thee; let me count the ways..." Elizabeth Browning free card prints by www.eabdesigns.typepad.com 

Next up are some gorgeous chalk prints from www.classyclutter.net with some of our favorite sweet sayings "i heart you; Truly, Madly, Deeply; Oh my darling you are so loved; You're my Lobster;" I was especially thrilled about the last one since it reminds me of when we used to watch the show .f.r.i.e.n.d.s. together and joke about being each others Lobster's... yes; we are corny like that from time to time ; ) any who I hope you enjoy these as much as I do...

Besides I figure we can never have to many fabulously scripted/print mix sayings to decorate with... plus the best part about printed chalk is doesn't come off on everything but still looks classically beautiful!!!

On that note these sweet classic FREE Geographic Valentine card prints from www.oleanderandpalm.com go great with the last few free print collections posted above if your trying to keep with a theme/color scheme this year ; )

Wrapping up the last of our ten terrific collections of FREE Valentine's Printables we wanted to share these ridiculously cute Free Prints from "tales of a thirty something;" www.sarahchampion.typepad.com

and the two stunning FREE PRINTS below by www.the36thavenue.com  For those of you who know me or have visited our ...thingsthatiheart boutique... about page; you know I absolute adore a mixture of vintage, modern, and metallic things that have sentimentality so these two prints below are definitely one of my personal favorites and link to a
 the site full of tons of free cute printables, gift ideas, and recipes as well!!!

Last but certainly not least I wanted to share our handmade cards we did for our family (parents/grandparents) last year!!! For those of you who don't like to print things or just want to help your kids work on their fine tune motor skills this is a great handmade project from the heart!!! My munchkin had a blast cutting out a bunch of different shaped hearts and arrows then creating designs and glueing them on with their Mom to the front of each card!!! Depending on your child's age you may have to help by folding the paper and drawing a heart shapes for them to follow ; )

To make these all you need are scissors, paper, glue ( preferable a glue stick so it doesn't run through the other side of the paper card ;) and a pen or pencil to draw and fill out hearts/cards with!!! Cut as many shapes and sizes as you want!!! My children really enjoyed this project so we ended up with quite a few extra hearts and heart arrows that we saved and used as confetti to add inside the cards and decorate our table for Valentine's Day!!! As a final touch we decided to create an inside pocket for our card by folding a piece of paper around the bottom and back side of the card and then attaching it with tape to hold the two big hearts my kids made and wrote loving notes on for each card before tucking them in nicely as you can see in the photo below... We proceeded by added some of the extra heart confetti to the back pocket to make it easier to put them inside the envelops; which we had previously sized our cards to fit the extra envelops we received from Costco that came with our Christmas cards that we usual have printed. I would love to see your versions of cards and how you decided to use the printables and ideas!!! Tag me @thingsthatiheart or email me at kdawn@thingsthatiheart.com

Happy DiY Crafting and Valentine's!!!
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Celebrate Life, Share, Shop, and Give with your Heart 

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