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Have A "JAWSOME" Shark Party!!!

I heart putting together birthday parties for my kids but since they are a huge undertaking I wanted to give back and share our ideas and links to hopefully help you get inspired and save you some time and effort in creating your own theme parties!!! Thus I hope you enjoy our 
"Thingsthatiheart Jawsome Shark Party Ideas;" 
as always I'll kick things off by sharing our invites!!!

Personally I like to make E-vites to help as a party reminder incase the hard copies get misplaced!!! Plus Evite is a quick and easy way to get the word out digitally and gives you a multitude of options; links to Facebook if you want it to, or you can send it purely through email if you prefer, and/or text the Evite personalized event link. Evite also automatically sends guests email reminders when the event gets closer and to the guests who have not RSVP'd yet; it tells you when people have viewed the invitation and allows you to make your guest list private or public among a plethora of other features. Although, I tend to use Evite for most events I still do adore making unique hard copy invitations for my kids to hand out to their friends; especially since sometimes we don't always have emails and/or numbers for all their new friends parents until after the party!!! 

For our hard copy of  Shark Party Invites we decided to use the cute
Free Printable
"Shark Cootie Catchers;" 
Then we filled out the inside with the party details for our "Tman" to hand out to his school and soccer friends; who have all been really into origami and fortune tellers; so these were a really big hit with the kids and the parents too. We even had a few parents who said they are planning on saving the invite in their kids keepsake box/scrapbooks which was super sweet and nice to hear since my kids and I put a lot of work into creating a big fun new theme party ever year for their friends to enjoy celebrating their birthdays with them!!!

...I apologize I did not have time to make a digital file to fit in the inside of our shark invites this time; so please forgive my handwriting it looked a bit nicer before I had to scratch out our personal info. for the blog post ;) but I still wanted to give you an idea of how we filled out the inside of the invites incase you wanted to use our idea for your next party. Please note that their are 
Other Adorable Free Fortune-teller Printables Available 
over at 
if you want to try using our idea for a different theme party as well!!! Enough about invites though let's move on to the actual "JAWSOME" Shark Party...

As always we like to put together a theme banner for the front door to let our party goers know to come on in; plus it just makes things more festive and fun from the get go. ;) The main sign on our door banner can be found on our 
"Thingsthatiheart;" Pinterest: "Sharks R JaWeSoMe" Board
along with tons of other shark pins you can use for your shark party or just for fun with the little ones to learn more about sharks!!! The silhouette shark printables we used for the rest our door banner can be found for free with the other super shark designs below ;)

Of course I had to find some "JAWSOME" shark pool floaties
for the kids to play with during our shark party and while I set up the rest of the food and decor before my kiddos friends arrived ;)

Our two main shark pool floats we decided to go with Swimline's Hammerhead Shark Squirt Gun Floaties which were a clossal hit with the kids along with the Great White Shark float we used to decorate part of our photo op. spot for the kids; then took it out of the net for the kids to play with after cake and presents were done!!! 
...really had a great selection of floaties at a fraction of the price of the other places we saw the exact same pool floats on Amazon, eBay, and other sites were charging way more for them; we even picked up a gaint swan and few donut tubes for the kids to float the river for a way better price and saved us from renting them when we were National Park hopping over the summer...

A majority of our shark party decor can be purchased at 
Oriental Trading Company
Zurchar's Party Store 
who's prices are fairly comparable to other online discount party supply stores we've used before!!! Typically I try to find, make, and laminate more free printables for our parties but as I stated before I was extra short on time putting this party together, however, since we were raised to be thrifty and to find the best deal/price possible I did save some money by buying a few of the pieces from 
compared to Zuchar's prices but if your extra short on time or only like to one stop shop for the most part Zuchar's Party Store carried a good selection and majority of the shark pieces you see at our party that held up well for a wet pool party!!!
Note that if you are doing any specialty balloons; buying them directly from your local Zuchar's store in person includes the helium and will save you money since you have to pay extra to fill balloons not purchases there. We of course always swing by the Dollar Store to grab some colorful foil filler balloons to throw in the mix as well as extra serving plates, napkins, etc... since Zuchar's is way overpriced for their solid color "foil filler" balloons the Dollar Store is a must; minus our colorful cups which we always order matching colored plastic cups online since the discount party stores online are way less expensive then Zuchar's and hold up way better at our fun wet pool parties!!! 

We went with our traditional family favorite classic ice cream cake from 
Dairy Queen 
which hands down is the very best as far as taste goes on ice cream cake and has long been our entire family's preference for cake since we don't like to eat regular cake!!! I purchased extra blue icing with shark sprinkles and the extra large orange water torpedo shark on sale from 
to add to the top of the cake to go along with our theme and for our birthday boy to play and keep after blowing out his Happy Birthday Shark Fin Candles!!! 

...since my son has a best friend who is lactose intolerant we always try to provide one other diary free treat for all the kiddos. We really liked the darling "sharkbite" cupcake idea above but my son really wanted powdered donuts more; so this year I piped some strawberry flavored "rope" onto 
Miniature Powdered Sugar Donuts aka "Life Preservers;" 
pictured below with our other fun festive food which you can see more party pictures and close ups of on our shark party instagram video post...

For our festive fun food this year we wanted to go back to our more healthy party food with our main dish of 
"Shark Submarine Sandwiches;"
and we brought back one of our birthday boy's favs from a previous party per his request 
"Shark Shaped Watermelon;" 
added some 
"Seaweed;" aka Grape Kabobs 
as well as

"Sea" Food Veggie Tray:
"Octopus Legs;" aka Red Peppers
"Sea Cucumbers;" aka Cucumber Slices
"Crab Legs;" aka Cut Carrots

Extra Side Dish: 
"Shark Teeth;" aka Triangle Cut Cheese Slices
"Surf Boards;" aka Crispy Crackers

"Ocean Water;" aka Blue Ice G2 
Shark Fin Shaped Ice 
which I used a football mold to create with a small round icepack as a freezing separator to make the fin shapes; and of course we also included some good old filtered 
"Fresh Water;" 
for everyone as well!!!

We used the cute "shark food/nom, nom,nom; enter at your own risk; and shark warning/high risk area;" free printables to make toothpick signs for our "shark submarine sandwiches;" although they would work great for cupcakes or making a miniature cake banner!!! 

For the rest of our food and refreshment labels we used the free shark bait template linked above to quickly hand write our "puntastic" labels on before setting them out with the food!!!

...I quickly printed off the "Fintastic;" Free Shark Printables above and below to create our decorative banner for our refreshment bar...

Good manners are very important in our household so we made sure our birthday boy hand wrote "Thanks Chum;" to all his buddies on each party favor and topped them off with the darling "You're Jawsome;" Free Printable!!!

...we like to try to keep our party favors simple and sweet for the most part; so we purchased the "fintastic;" squirt guns below this year for all the kids only to end up getting a notice after that they were actual "out of stock;" thus we had to go for the more colorful squirt guns pictured above and added a gaint shark gummy which the kiddos really enjoyed from... 

Please don't forget you can follow and find a "school;" of 
Free Shark Printables,
 ideas, and fact sheets like the ones we cut out added around our table center pieces as extra confetti on our 
"Sharks R Awesome" Pinterest Board!!! 

We hope you enjoyed and found our "JaWeSoMe;" 
Shark Party Collection of Printables 
Ideas helpful for your Shark Shindig!!!

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