Monday, April 25, 2016

Introducing Our New Keep Collective Jewelry Collection!!!

We are so excited to add the new Keep Collective Jewelry Collection to our!!! So many great options to put together a meaningful momento to wear with your own personal favs and flare!!!

With so many options there is sure to be something that suites your style!!! Add "key" charms that speak to your heart to personalized your "keeper" bracelet's, necklaces, earrings, car key fobs, and even watches!!!

Stack, switch, create, and add new pieces as often as you want!!! 

Our meaningful Keep Collective Collection pieces are made with impeccably high quality and a fraction of the price you'll see from competitors!!! You'll want to wear and share them all the time!!! 

We can't wait to see the pieces you'll create!!! Be sure to follow, share, and tag us 

Show support, raise cancer awareness, and give back directly to the Keep
by shopping the Keep Kind Campaign pieces below!!!

Don't forget when you shop with kdawn@thingsthatiheart we also give back to our charity of the year!!!

...get started by perusing through the...
Design Guide Catalog!!!

For custom orders; if you have any questions, would like or need help using the online shop, and/or are interested in collaborating and/or joining our design team 
Thank you for visiting our blog and shopping with us!!!
We hope you come back to visit us again soon!!!


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