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Spooktacular Halloween Decor, Activities, & Free Printables!!!

Jeepers summer just seems to have flown right by but we sure are super excited to gear up for all the festive holiday fun!!!

We are so glad you stopped by for a spell ; ) and hope you 
enjoy our 
Halloween Collection!!!

...starting with the enchanting free printables we assembled together for our fall front door banner with 
 Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
Free Chalk Printable
as our center piece for the banner to transition easily from Halloween into the rest of the fall season...

...then we finished off our fall banner by adding some of our favorite...
...who also happens to carry a plethora of free printables as well as some super darling and incredible low priced prints for all kinds of occasions including  
like the one we adore pictured below...

If you couldn't already tell we're not really into the gruesome gory stuff for Halloween and prefer the more fun family friendly activities dressing up celebratory side of the holiday over here at
and we're always jumping for joy for this time of year where almost everyone seems to enjoy dressing up and getting festive as much as we do!!!

On that note we always adore kicking off this wicked awesome time of year with a bit of witchy fun by heading to 
Where there is a down right smorgas board of delightful options to get Witchy:

***Also please note tickets for dinner theater and breakfast with a witch sell out quickly so plan to get yours tickets early on when they go up for sale at the beginning of the season; not to worry if you missed getting tickets this year there are still plenty of things to do, see, and oodles of cute little boutique shops to stop by for frightfully delightful time all the way up through Halloween***

...hearting all things witchy just had to share our new favorite free printable, paper craft, and spell binding book art...
 knocked it out of the park with their
Do It Yourself
Winking Witches; Positions and Spells Edition
Book Cover

What would a free printable party post be without some fun photo booth props! Thankfully
has us covered with these "fangtastic;" free prints below!!!

Every year I help my kids grandmother put on a Halloween party for all of her grandchildren that are in town; which means lots of faboolous decorating, crafting, and creating together!!!

...from stuffing test tubes and faces with frightful themed refreshments and treats; to the classic cauldron bobbing for apples; to making monster shaped sandwiches and/or demonic hot dogs with all creepy fixings you could possible want on top; and having oodles of Halloween party play time in their costumes with their cousins there is always lots of fun to be had...

 Creepy Halloween Jar Fixings Include:

Witches Fingers ~ String Beans or Edimame
Gaggle Worms ~ Cooked Onions
Ghost Guts ~ Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
Maggot Bate ~ Sauerkraut
Vampire Blood~ Ketcup
Ground Frogs ~ Relish
Poison Octopus Tentacles ~Banana Peppers
Bat Parts ~ Diced Olives

The theme jars we quickly put together by hand and typically try to change it up and try different kinds of festive food, drinks, and desserts every year!!! 

One of our favorite crafty desserts was when we made
with the kids using chocolate fondue for them to dip the marshmallows in then simply added green sprinkles around the edges and helped the munchkins pipe on the faces to go with the rest of their festive fun treats!!! 

We sure do adore getting all dressed up for our annual grandkids Halloween party with our family to have a spooktacular time catching up with each other and some general tomfoolery mixed in with a few Halloween crafts, games, and activities mentioned above as well as our Halloween version of 

Red Light-Green Light:

Green Light = Fly and Cackle like a Witch
Black Light = Stop in the Dead of the Night
Orange Light = Roll like a Pumpkin
Purple Light = Dance like a Genie 
Gold Light = Walk like an Egyptian
and the girls new favorite
White Light = Freeze like Frozen

among other fun games similar to those over at 
who also has some wicked sweet free printables like the bugs and kisses print pictured below

There is just something about libraries and being able to hold a hard back book in your hand that is so relaxing and can take you on an adventure to a whole new world without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair; which is why we always adore breaking out our old hard copies of 
Harry Potter and Discovery of Witches
 for Halloween or anytime of the year really but if your looking for more festive bookish ways to decorate we have you covered ; ) pun intended as always!!! 

If your more into the open book recipe style display then head to
for the above vintage free print pages and tutorial!!!

You probably have already caught on to the fact that I used to be the biggest book worm and still enjoy a good read as well as all kinds of book and paper art; even if it's just a cute free printable cover to put out with our Halloween decor such as these 

 and printable book covers with tutorials... 

While we love settling in with a good book nothing beats cuddling up in our blankets for a good movie after doing a fun family activity together like carving pumpkins or hiking and playing in the leaves with the family!!! you can guess what one of our favorite Halloween movies is (major hint below) heart us some...

Our Top Thirteen "Family Friendly" Halloween Film Series:

Hocus Pocus
Harry Potter 
Hotel Transylvania 
Nightmare Before Christmas
Monsters Inc. & University
Adams Family
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Ghost Busters
Practical Magic 

are all at the top of our list but here are a few other parenting sources for
"Family Friendly"
yes I put quotations because some of the films I would not consider family friendly depending on your child's age, development, and ability cope with what might seem scary or disturbing to some
 both list include brief descriptions of the films 
** as always take caution to view what you deem appropriate for your own family** 

For the love of tic tacs these were just to adorable not to share and would be perfect as a take home treat for party guests or your tick or treaters
has tons of free printable tic tac labels for multiple holidays and occasions that are definitely worth checking out if you heart tic tacs too!!!

We'll definitely be adding these ultra spooktacular
to our next Halloween swaray since they make for both a fun activity and take home souvenir party favor which you can find the folding tutorial with additional matching free printables at that your all set to get ready for your party it's time to... 

 by having a crafty night putting all your printables together and why not make some more spooktacular Halloween decor from bottles and free printables while your already at it as we did with our set below that has been a staple and one of the biggest hits as far as our Halloween decor has gone over the years ; )

Had such a blast making these together for an adult girls craft night and topping them off by adding some festive Halloween ribbon to them; unfortunately I no longer have the prints above since they we're lost in one of our great hard drive crashes about five years ago but not to worry I found some stupendous links for even better labels to use and adore in two spooktacular classic styles!!!

...if you prefer the vintage old world print page look for your labels...
as shown above then head on over to
...for a bottle tutorial and collection of vintage printable to help you find your favorites...

and as always I could not leave you without some 
...fabulous free classic chalk label prints... 
to use 
which of course
...does it again splendidly with her apothecary labels linked above... that we are almost ready and fully psyched to get our...

...trick or treat on; it wouldn't be Halloween without heading to a pumpkin patch or corn maze or two...
has one of largest lists of 
compiled together across the United States along with hours of operation and locations in the
 United Kingdom, Canada, Deutschland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

Our favorite pumpkin patch to buy and play at locally is pictured above and is chalk full of actives from rows of pumpkins to choose from, a free petting zoo, giant corn box the kids can play in, a haystack mountain to climb complete with slide, and so much more!!!
Also hosts food truck Friday's for everyone to enjoy some sinfully delicious eats and treats; as well as a special harvestfest day; complete with a band, bowling pumpkins, facepaint, among the other usual activities!!!

However my personal favorite pumpkin patch for photographing families and for a short trips is:
with their delightful rows of pumpkins, colorful classic trucks and tractors, lush green mini corn mazes, adult and kid size wheel barrows, and perfectly put together photo op spots!!! 

Our home base in Salt Lake City is truly in no short supply of cute pumpkin patches and activities for Halloween; you can find web links and a brief descriptions to most of our family favorites in KSL's article below
31 Family Halloween Destinations in Utah

...although we always try to find a good balance between keeping traditions and trying fun new things; we had to share one of the best fun times we had with the kids was knocking Cornbelly's off our Halloween bucket list with their cornmaze adventure and trivia, giant rocking chair, pumpkin princess playland, and loads of other festive fun activities; it was the ultimate Halloween play ground for our little ones...
is certainly worth going to at least once with the family as a special treat to make some fun memories together
 bonus you can still get discount tickets by using code:

Don't forget to "Trick or Treat;" yourself and your loved ones to our 
New Holiday Line!!!

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Wishing you a "Bootiful;"
Happy Halloween!!!

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