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Minion Mania Party and Free Printables!!!

We've got "Minion Mania" over here and decided to ring in my Son's Tenth Birthday 
with a 

We hope you enjoy and find our:

...helpful in planning your heap full of fun for your little minions and their buddies...

As always we like to kick things off with sharing the invitations we made for the party!!! Starting with the ever so useful and versatile 
 pictured above and below around our scroll style school invites!!!
While we used the wraps for the invites and my kids also had a blast playing a stacking game with the paper minion wraps; these multipurpose wraps are a cute quick and easy way to decorate bubbles, bananas, twinkies, ice cream or cupcake push pops, basically anything you conjure up to use them for any occasion you want to celebrate with minions ; ) 

To make the invite this year I found the adorable base design template below and then I used one of my favorite applications when dabbling in design art literature create, decorate, and fill out the invitation with our information in subway art style...

Save and print the blank image above to make your invite with or follow the link to 
for the direct free download with more options including the super awesome blue and yellow
 I used through out our party!!!  

We just couldn't resist adding "Guru's Silly Warning Sign" to the front door banner we made!!!

Printables are a fabulous way to add an extra special touch to parties; especially those thrown at home as well as a stupendous way to help your kiddos practice their fine tune motor skills by helping to cut out the prints!!! My kids are truly fond of helping put our party stuff together and we've found that all the kids really revel in the photo props at the parties for pictures!!! Below is a free printable of the photo props we decided to print and use for our little Minions this year!!!

We like to laminate the printables at my son's party with clear packing tape since we traditionally have an end of summer pool party for his birthday to celebrate with different themes every year; thus the printables seem to fair much better with a bit of plastic protection due to the fact that all the kids are typically soaking wet for most of the party; the tape definitely helps to repel the water and makes the printables more durable

For our little Tman's big tenth birthday we had over twenty kids coming so we chose to save a bit of preparation time by purchasing some of the pre-done packaged minion eye masks to mix in with our photo props instead of printing, cutting, laminating/taping all of the props ourselves; unfortunately the store bought masks did not work as well as the ones we made ourselves but still served their purpose as fun party photo props, however, many of them did not make it into the kids party favor bags after as we had hoped to add them to since a lot of the masks just got to wet compared to our home made ones 

The kids still had a blast taking photos with the masks and props though; we even were able to get a few pix with most of the kids together enjoying themselves for some photo fun to use as our thank you message photo after the party was over!!! 

I also quickly hand wrote a few fun minion sayings and hand lettered out a "buddies;" banner for the kids before the party; which turned out to be a big hit with everyone and would be really simple to print off if you are not a fan of writing things out by hand ; )

For those of you who take delight in theme party food and fun labels your in luck because I made party labels with clip art and a 
 for my little man's party this year to share with our web-page visitors to use for free!!! Just save to your desktop and print on regular letter head sized paper or card stalk paper!!! 

For party drinks we filled our minion beverage dispenser with ice water and bought flavored drops for the party guests to pick out and make their favorite flavor ElMacho's Px41 Serum and/or Dr. Nefaro's Px41 Antidote in the yellow "minion" dixie cup that guests could label their names with and decorate as a minion if so desired!!!

The kids love temporary tattoos especially in the summer so when I came across some minion ones we definitely had to add them to our pool party!!!

Next we set up a
Minion Tattoo Station 
with a bit of water and a sponge in a tupperware container for the kids who wanted to take a break from swimming to put their minion tattoos on or they could save their tattoos to take them home in their party bag depending on what the little minions preferred to do ; )

For Margo and Edith's Minion Pizza 
we decorated some thin crust cheese pizzas with pepperoni in the shape of a minion smiley face and of course had some plain cheese available for guests who do not care for pepperoni ; )

No Minion party is complete without lots of BANANAS and some of Agnes' Caterpillars AKA Cheetos; my son and husband love spicy things so we also had to have some
Agnes' Caterpillars with a Kick AKA Spicy Cheetos 

Most parties I try to offer some healthy treats and alternatives, however, this being an extra special big year for our Tman and the fact that we don't do very many treats or junk food in our home we stocked this party up with lots of fun naughty snacks to celebrate with this time but still had real fruit to munch on for those who wanted something more nutritious and delicious ; )

...while cake is not our favorite thing in this family; my husband and I would personally rather look at an artistic cake then eat cake unless it's ice cream cake of course 
 no kids party is complete without a cake of some sort to sing to them with...

After seeing these cupcake-cakes the last few years my son really wanted to try one this year; plus it went perfectly with Lucy and Gru's "Bake My Day Bakery" and cupcake theme from the second Despicable Me movie!!! I do have to warn you though that even though it's nice not to have to cut the cake these are really messy due to how much icing is used on top to make it look like a one piece cake; thankfully the mess was no biggy for us because we were having a pool party and over all the cake turned out pretty cute with the theme ;)

Although I'm okay at making cakes; decorating and creating art is more my forte and since I don't genuinely enjoy making or eating cake I decided to start saving myself a bit of time and hassle by just buying the cake for my kids after their 5th birthday's and decorating it with stuff my kids wanted instead of making it myself; especially since it doesn't really seem to make a difference to them whether I make it from scratch or not ;) thus we just ordered our cupcake cake from Target this year; then put together and topped the cupcake cake off with the mini minion number banner with candles for the birthday boy!!!

Above is another one of the free food label printables I made and used that you are more then welcome to savor and add to your own party!!! Please just site/link back to our page if you do use and post our party ideas and printables!!!

One of the biggest hits at our minion mania party was the 
 I bought for the kids to play with in the pool!!!

For the items I don't make or print off myself I typically buy them from 
which is where I found the blow up bananas as well as purchased our balloons, colored plastic cups, party theme plates, piñata, temporary tattoos, minion confetti, and yellow party bags for a fraction of the price of other party stores!!!

Friendly reminder everything ordered through 
typically has one small flat shipping rate no matter how much or little you buy; so I usually order all my party supplies along with my kids party dress ups/Halloween costumes from there at the same time ; )

Our little buddies were ecstatic for "Gru's" shrunken moon powdered donut holes and "Scarlet's" henchmen trinket ring pops!!! In fact ring pops have been one of the number one enjoyed party treats at all of our kids parties over the years so we were glad to be able to work them in again with the new movie!!! 

We filled our "King Bob" piñata with blue raspberry, banana, and watermelon salt water taffy on sale at Dan's grocery store for take home treats and dressed up Bob as King with an old souvenir crown and tree skirt until it was time to break open the piñata and let the candy flyaway home with all our little minion buddies ;)

The foam fingers and water guns were the only items I purchased from our local Zucker's party store and then split the colors accordingly; the kids had a blast playing with them for the whole party and then getting to take one home with their thank you treat bags along with whatever they had left of their candy, banana, minion tattoos and minion masks!!!

Since we wanted to tie in all of the characters from all three movies and we already had some squid shaped dive sticks and a slip-n-slid from previous summer activities; we figured why not add a water balloon squid launcher and big bubbles to the mix for kicks and giggles ; )

We just adored this darling graphic art piece of King Bob to add to the Birthday Boy's chair; since he is of course king on his birthday ; ) which he really loved and is also available for purchase in a 
For more fun party and decorating ideas and links check out our boards on our Pinterest

Additional items that we didn't print and make we found in the dollar section or on sale at Target; such as the fun minion shirts our son wanted our family to all have and wear; as well as the minion sketch books that decorated the table cloths which my kids now get to enjoy but we had purchased just encase the pool party was rained out and we needed to have prizes for other indoor party games to go with watching one of the movies instead ; )  
Luckily in the end the weather worked out for us; after lots of preparation time it all came together for my little man to have another super
 with his buddies swimming, playing sports, and dancing with his family and friends to top off the summer and begin the new school year on an extra high note!!!

Thanks again for supporting and visiting us here!!!
We hope you found our 
 helpful, fun, and a great way for you to save time 
and be inspired to create your own version of a 
festive fun day for your minions!!!


  1. For some reason I'm not seeing how I can print the food labels :( would you be so kind as to email me them? Id be ever so grateful! I'm doing a party for my boys next weekend and this is the last thing I need to do before putting
    it all together!

    1. Hello Shelly O. sorry just barely saw your comment; we would of been happy to of sent you an email copy; hopefully you figured out that we posted the food label images in page format to this post so that readers can two finger tap to save the image to their desktop downloads then simply print and scale to your paper from there. Hope your little minions ;) had a Happy Birthday and would love to see pictures if you want to send them to our blog email Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Hi Shelly! I love your minion party ideas!! Would you be able to send a copy of the food labels to me as well? I'd really appreciate it! My email is:
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Shannon💛 I'm Kristen and happy to hear you love our party ideas/post here at and hope the printables worked out okay for you and that you figured out how to print and save them based off my comment to Shelly earlier and the links I provide through my page/article😘💃🏼🎉💋🤗

  3. can you please email me your printables
    thank you

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