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How To Get the Best Hotel Travel Deals!!!

...not to worry I'm still working on our massive  
Best of Central Oregon: The Vineman Loop Part Two
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answering one of the main questions my husband and I have been asked over the years when it comes to traveling:
How do we get so many nice hotels at such incredible prices??? 
To do this we are sharing our personal top four sites we currently use and how to use them to get the best deals for all our fellow travel lovers; starting with:
which is our newest favorite website for comparing hotel prices since it does all the work by
 seamlessly comparing hundreds of sites
and streaming them back in a easy to read compressed form; finding the best price for the hotels on the desired travel dates ;)
usually has and/or matches the lowest prices available for most hotels with the added bonus of receiving a
Free Nights Stay Anywhere After Booking Ten Nights
with their website; the nights do not have to be at the same hotel nor do they have to be consecutive or during the same vacation; basically it's like a digital version of the good old punch card system
Every time you stay some where it counts towards your next free nights stay!!! top it off most of the bookings offer...  
Free cancellation up until a couple days before your stay!!!

The first two companies really have you covered for the best deals for picking specific hotels and having the option to cancel almost right up until your stay however if your really looking for the
truly out of this park deal use 
Although you can get 4-5star hotels for the price of a 2-3star hotels this way take it with a grain of salt, caution, and this
WarNinG: when using "Name Your Price;" you Do Not Get to Choose the Hotel itself; Only the Area and Star Ratings; which can Vary Greatly depending on where you are traveling; also you will be stuck with whatever they give you 
No Cancellations!!!
Below is our suggestive way on how to go about getting the best deal through this route without getting stuck somewhere completely off base from what you would of paid somewhat more for to be able to choose the hotel you really wanted ;)

The Best Approach Using Name Your Price:

1. Do Hotel Research; through other websites for the area before you book!!!
2. Know the Price Range for your Stay: you don't want to go bidding higher and paying more for an unknown hotel when you can pick the hotel you want for a lower price on another website ;) 
  3. Be Willing to Accept What you Get; which is why you really want to be sure you truly know all the hotels and the star ratings you desire in that area before using "name your price!!!"  
4. Only Bid for 4stars and Above; for good measure we typically will only use name your price for four stars and above since the type of place you will stay in below varies so greatly even four stars can get iffy in some places thus back to doing your research first and it's the only way it really makes it worth being uncertain which hotel you will receive in the area
5. Start your Bid as Low as possible and Only Increase Bid price in Small $5-10 Increments; if your bid is to low name price will no accept it but you can bid again and it will tell you when you get close to the lowest price available at the time; the lowest we've gotten for a 4-5star hotel stay was $55/night but generally it's been closer to $65-95 for 4-5stars hotel stay through "name your price;" thus we usually start our bidding at $50 for 4-5star hotel
**helpful hint** closeout of everything after a couple tries and retry if Priceline won't allow a new bid ;)  
6.Crosscheck the Price Offered: as stated before "name your price;" will make you an offer when your bid is close to the lowest price available at the time just be sure it's not higher then a hotel you like and can choose on another website ;) 
7. As a Good Measure Time Saver; Only Use "Name Your Price;" when Booking for Larger Cities; this is a bit of a moo point in a way but if you are booking 4stars and above because most places don't have higher then 4+stars unless you are in a big city, however, I wanted to add it to the list to help you save time since to do "name your price;" in the right way can be extremely time consuming thus no need to waste time when headed to smaller towns just book direct with one of the other websites 

**note that we don't use Priceline very often any more due to the time/effort and research it takes if you want to get a good hotel and not end up staying somewhere you detest; also their "non"-"name you price deals" tend to be higher then which is your best bet if you are short or impatient on spending very much time booking your hotel stay**
 was originally one of our first go to comparison sites before Trivago came about since they also compare their prices with some of the other top sites but it opens them in multiple pop up windows and our new fav Trivago offers more comparisons in a less cluttered way for hotels thus we prefer to go with them for now when it comes to hotel deals, however,
Kayak is still a great site for when your wanting to compare flight, rental car prices, etc!!!

Speaking of Cars
...description and our personal review on how we use them can be found through the link below
for those of you who missed it before in our...
Vineman Road Trip Post
 Part One

Wishing You Happy Safe Travels!!!

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