Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Season Super Sale!!! Follow your Bliss!!!

That's right we are having an end of season SUPER SALE on our entire online spring/summer collections!!!

Time to make room for new things and changes coming this Fall

All items in the online 
 have been marked down for the sale and to top things off we are offering 
Free shipping as well!!!

...if an item no longer shows as being able to select in the drop box once you click on it then it means the item has been sold out already...

I have always adored calligraphy, inspirational sayings, quotes, and doddle art since I was little girl; if your in the same boat or you are serious about wanting to look into learning how to do or improve your calligraphy the artist piece we heart above will link you to her online courses and is a taste of the new directions we'll be heading besides focusing on sharing more of the theme parties, decor, printables, photography, and travel adventures we love here on the blog!!!

Please note that while we head in new directions this fall the online boutique will be under maintenance once the sale is over however you can still reach me via email at
For Support, Custom Orders, Collaborations, and Questions!!!

Many thanks to those of you who join, follow, and support our family and good causes here at
You are very much appreciated and we are ever so thankful to have you here with us!!!
Please come back often!!!

Wishing you all the best always and happy adventures 
following your bliss wherever it may lead you!!!

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