Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Best of Southern Idaho!!! Road Tripping: Vineman Loop: Part 1

We prefer to fly when we travel but since that's not always possible; driving can save money and be it's own great extended adventure!!! As a Family we have been on quite a few road trips over the years. In the past we usually just drove straight through since the kids used to sleep most of the way when they were tiny tots, however, now that our children are older we can explore more stops along the way and find it helpful to divide the drive up more. Below is a breakdown of our most recent "Vineman" Road Trip in which we'll be sharing helpful tips and links for in our 
Vineman Loop Post Series
hopefully helping those of you trying to save time in your quest to 
find fun adventures, good places, and information on the areas near where we ventured to this time around 

Kicking things off with the four apps we've found to be the most helpful during our Road Trips: 

We recently came across this application/website and have really loved it; especially due to the fact that unlike most of the other map applications out there Road Trippers allows us to easily map out multiple stopping points of the trip simultaneously and has the capability to include recreational spots, hotels, refueling, rest stops and more!!!

If your a traveler I'm sure you have heard of Trip Adviser but just in case you've missed it; Trip Adviser is a stupendous source to view photos and read reviews on places, hotels, restaurants, and other things to do in the areas you are looking to travel to. Even though you can book your hotel through Trip Adviser we mainly use Trip Adviser for the reviews and to see photos people have posted to help make our assessments and decisions on where to go and stay; since we've found other websites that tend to have better rates on hotels we'll share our strategies for booking and getting the best price/deal for your hotel in another post soon ; )  

Of course Goggle has to make our list; their Maps application is the most comprehensive map system we've found and used thus far; including real time traffic updates in addition to other information on the areas you are in; although we do have to admit we use the Maps application that comes with our iPhone a lot as well; specifically when we're in a hurry since the iPhone Maps application is a bit faster for us to navigate through when we're in a rush 

Helps to locate the current price and cheapest gas stations near you and is also a spectacular application source to use while your in your hometown and when your away to help save up those pennies for your next adventure ; )

My family loves activities involving water; while boating, beach, and pool time are at the top of our list; we also adore site seeing and getting our Fit Fam on by hiking to check out lakes and waterfalls. Let me tell you the Northwest Coast is in no short supply of major waterfalls!!!

...on our quest to find and decide what waterfalls to try to see along the way I stumbled across a terrific source page for finding waterfalls anywhere in the world...
Definitely has you covered if you heart waterfalls ; )

Is a great source for finding just about anything under the sun to do in Southern Idaho;
 from special events, best local eats and treats, to park information on hiking, zip-lining, rafting, and so much more!!! If your planning a trip through or to Southern Idaho their website link will come in handy 

We believe collecting moments and memories are always the best things to collect!!!
 The kids on the other hand always really enjoy having a little something more tangible besides just photos to help them remember the fun times and places we've gone to together. Thus to continue the joy and play from our adventures we try to find something small for our munchkins when we can; we're always on the look out for and over the moon stoked every time we find a good old penny press since it's fun for the kiddos to do and helps with space saving on their the collection of travel souvenirs ;) 

As a family you can never go wrong with a trip to the zoo with your little ones!!! We like that the Boise Zoo has some awesome animals and activities different from our local hometown Zoo to checkout and switch things up a little ; )

The Boise Zoo is also fairly easy on the pocket book at $10 admission for Adults and $7 or less for kids depending on their age. More specific info. on pricing can be found on their web page at 
As mentioned earlier the Boise Zoo features some unique attractions such as their Seasonal Butterfly Exhibit, Boat Ride, and the option to feed the Giraffes and a Sloth Bear for an extra $3 or less for animal food and $1 for the Boat "Conservation Cruise;" or the Carousel Ride

The Idaho Statemen have casted their votes and put out an issue of the Best of Treasure Valley as a splendid reference source to find the top voted things to do by the people who live there!!!

Among the list was one of the fun food places we promised our kids they could go to and order a giant burger for the family to share if we made it back up to Boise; so of course we had to come through for them on this trip with a visit to 

Our kids love watching Man vs Food as well as Master Chef/Master Chef Junior; thus it's always silly fun times to try to hit up one of the restaurants featured in the shows in the different areas when we can. We've found that most of the restaurants are quite the tasty treat and tend to order the challenges to split as a family since they are almost always more then enough to feed the four of us!!! We couldn't even finish half of Big Jud's delicious world famous cake size burger but we sure enjoyed it and some of their giant basket of heavy duty onion rings. When traveling we're all about trying things so our usual overly healthy normal diet goes out the door for at least some of our vacation meals ; )

Is another magnificent website with additional savvy information on current local events, activities, and fun things to do in Boise!!!

If your short on time as we were this trip since we had to get back for work and the kids sport activities; Camel's Back Hike is located near central Boise and is a quick and easy hike you can do with the whole family on your way passing through the city; if you have more time you can stay and play at the park there as long as you like or venture on for a longer hike!!! Plus the kiddos will get a real kick out of saying they climbed a "camel's back;" in Boise ; ) 

...as for finding a truck load of information on more adventures from rafting, hiking, hot springs, theme parks, the arts, etc to do anywhere in the entire State of Idaho head on over to "things to do;" at...

That's a wrap for now on our Top Sites for finding the Best in Idaho and Road Trip Websites/Applications to help you along the way!!!
Part 2 Best of Central Oregon from our Vineman Loop Road Trip
Coming Soon
Safe and Happy Travels Everyone!!!

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