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"Tie"riffic Ideas for Father's Day

When I was a little girl we always gave my Dad a new tie with a card for Father's Day; while a lot has changed since then I still love the tie theme for Father's Day; plus let's face it there is nothing sexier to us Mama's then our man in a suite and tie ;) 
so of course I just couldn't resist sharing some of 
Our Favorite "tie-riffic" Father's Day Printables, Card, and Gift Ideas

 ...kicking things off with our top five go to general ideas for...

 Father's Day Gift Giving

 Five Thingthatiheart Ideas for Father's Day:

1. Go Somewhere Fun for Father's: 
Whether it's going out to eat at his favorite place, boating on the lake, hiking in the mountains, sunshine on the beach, hitting golf balls together, going on a an adventure, vacation, or "stay-cation" somewhere with Dad; nothing beats quality time together!!!

2. Get "Pun-tastic" with a Theme Basket; 
One of the few times in life when puns are really cute and generally socially acceptable (even though that had never stopped us from using them or making up our own conjunctive words;) is in holiday cards and gifts; so get creative and have fun with pun themed gift sets!!! I like to give my husband "You're one "HOT" Dad" gift sets but some of the other ideas my kids and I have given to their Grand-Dad's are also pictured above "You're one "Cool" Poppy" theme set and "You're one great "Pop;" movie theme baskets!!! 

3. Re-Stock His Favs:
 Check and see what your Dad might be low on or may be worn out and in need of replacing (new wallet, tennis or golf balls/tees, other favs he may use all the time) My husband loves hot sauce and red hot candy thus we always try to make sure he gets his fill of both for Father's Day along with some other treats he enjoys!!! 

4.Give Something "Scent-sational:"
I'll let you in on a little secret if you didn't know already ; ) men like to smell nice too and we sure love it when they smell good so buying him some new cologne or filling up his supply of hair stuff, scented candles, or room spray is always nice gift that makes us all happy!!! 

5. Put Together A Personalized Card: 
Cards are really over priced from the store so why not make things more personalized by putting together your own card by printing, cutting, and getting your creative juices going!!! Not only will the card be more meaningful but it will save you money that you can put towards a gift or throw in a gift card to one of your Father's favorite places to shop or dine; thus making things easier to not have to worry about finding a gift; since we know Dad's are tough to shop for and sometimes it's just best to leave it up to your Dad to get what they want with a gift card 

Moving on with our "tie-riffic" theme we've searched and collected some incredible... 
FREE Printables, Card, Gift Ideas, and Links help you get your paper and craft on for Father's Day


Save, Print, & Share
 ...this oh so sweet tie graphic we found above from one of our new fav blogs we just stumbled across... 

Hands down one tie any Dad would love to receive from his little ones!!! Click on the photo links to get this super "tie-riffic" FREE printable ties for your kids can make!!!  

We heart this "Daddy's love TIES us together;" Peg Board Idea Below with linked tutorial for you AAAmazing crafters!!! 
...however, if your looking to save time or for something a little more simple to make...
 We made a similar gift for our Dad/Grandads not long after my son was born but used a wooden tie hanger from the store and wrote our loving words in with a sharpie instead (sticker and stencils work wonders if your not a fan of your handwriting;) but we love the idea, saying, and fact that it's a useful meaningful gift that also helps keep the home organized!!! 

Always remember you can find a way to make things work or put your own twist on a project or idea!!! 
For instance if your Dad doesn't really wear or have ties to hang from the peg board you could use and hang family photos instead ; ) 
...on that note we love love love the printable below for the kids from another stupendous family site 
"I love you because..." print is extra awesome since not only do your kids get to fill out and personalize it but it works for anyone you love regardless of gender or how they relate to your family whether they are parents, Grandparents, or family by heart...  

Fill these "tie-riffic" FREE printable cut out miniature bags with treats for all the awesome Dad's you know!!! Just click the link below for the printable and tutorial!!!

Whether your Dad puts on a suite and tie or ties on a tool belt or apron he's sure to love one of these darling free printable diy cards over at  

Since we are over the moon for origami this folded dollar bill shirt to give to Dad for Father's Day definitely takes the cake for creativity cuteness and quick and easy gift!!! Find out how to make and his money shirt and a plethora of other ideas for your little ones to make for their Dad's through the link below

...last but not least enjoy and share some super simplistic graphic word art prints linked below to save, print, collage, or use in any way you want collected over at...

Happy Father's Day
to all the remarkable Dad's out there

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