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Fabulously Frozen Party & FREE Printables

Here @thingsthatiheart we love to celebrate our little ones Birthdays!!!
...after all our struggles with ovarian cysts, preemies, pregnancy, miscarriages, and having babies we are ever so thankful for our two children; that they are healthy, strong, and doing great; although the full long version to that part of our family story will have to be for another time...
For now just know we're immensely grateful that we were lucky enough to be blessed to have our children come into our lives when they did; that we get to enjoy watching them grow, reach new milestones, and appreciate celebrating each new year we have together!!! We truly love our kids more then words can say; so now that you know the biggest part of why we go all out when we have birthday parties for our kids; 
I hope you heart our first of many party posts to come; that it gives you some help and inspiration in choosing what to use and do with your own fun frozen day! you know if you are a Mom just about every little girl on the planet is over the moon about Frozen
along with many boys and adults who are also fond of Disney's latest animated princess movie
and I have to say I had quite a good time putting together our... 

Fabulously Frozen Party
 for our little 
Princess Frozen Fanatic and All of her Frozen Friends
Please Enjoy Our 
Curated Collection of Ideas, Links, &
Free Frozen Party Printables 
So Keep Calm and Love Frozen cause Here We Go!!!

Ever year I give my kids the option of either having a big birthday party or picking out a "big" gift from Mom and Dad; so far every year without fail they would rather have a party to celebrate with their friends and honestly I can't blame them; I like sharing memories and moments with friends and family more then I like to having material possesions as well; plus it doesn't hurt that they have four sets of Grandparents who give them gifts since both my husband and my parents are divorced but that's another story for a different time. ; ) Anywho I'll break down everything from our Frozen party throughout this post starting with the photo below of 

The Main Party Set Up for our Fabulous Frozen Party

Trufully I love putting together birthday parties for my little ones and their friends to enjoy; it gives me a chance to get back in touch with the fun, creative, artist, decorator, and party host side of me as well as brighten my children's and their friends day with a super fun party!!! I'm still of course exhausted by the time everything is over as well as glad I only have to do it once a year for each of my children. ; ) Regardless even though it can be immensely time consuming seeing all the kids happy smiling faces every year makes all the hard long work completely worth it for me; that and of course the fact that I have a whole year before I have to put a new party theme of their choice together again 

Starting with the invitations I typically like to create/put together a puntastic Invite:
to go along with the theme; share one copy via e-vite and/or facebook event; and then
 print off a bunch of copies for my kids to give to their friends
I personally like to make my hard copy invites in one of two ways either rolled up in a
 "Classic Vintage Scroll"
as I like to call or and picture above with our frozen party invite
 or I'll simply print a flat hard copy on cardstalk and let my kids hand them out that way

If you want to skip handwriting all your invites and aren't particularly into or have Adobe Illustrator or Photo Shop; my favorite easy to use application on my smart phone to create beautiful text on images is 
which I used to create this invite and whited out the lines on the image above then to filled in and adjusted the text, fonts, and colors to my hearts content

The little snowflakes I cut out to tie the scrolls with came from the darling site above and was actually a free cupcake topper print that I decided to cut and use in my own way
Has a lovey set of Free Frozen Party Prints and Personalized Sets Available for purchase as well!!! 

My personal favorite FREE PRINTABLE I found was this gorgeous
 I used it in quite a few places throughout the party to help tie together the home and theme

...I decided to String Our Banners Together with some of the Gold Ribbon I had at home already but you can find it just about anywhere including Dollar Tree...

As you can see I used one of the banners I printed on the front door and since I found myself a bit short on time with everything I had already put together I decided to forgo adding any text to the banners digitally and just went for the old fashion route of how I used to create a majority of my party art by writing it out by hand with a gold pen to invite the party guests to 
"Please Come On In and Join Us Downstairs" 
where the party was setup and underway

...moving downstairs I added a couple non-scripted versions of the banner to the party decor...

A large amount of the decorations I already had in my Christmas Stuff I purchased from Tia Pan, Tuesday Morning, and Home Goods years ago for my home during the Holidays since our front room is snow themed; so lucky it worked out great in helping me make our

Arendelle Frozen Wonderland Birthday Ballroom Below

...for those of you who do not have snow themed Christmas decor the good news is it is not really necessary!!! Simply use or search for clear, white; blue; and/or silver accents you might have in your home, on sale at craft stores off season, or even at big lots or dollar tree type stores!!! Do what works for you; you don't need a lot to make it a good party!!! 
We found the large hanging snowflakes and some of the little accent snowflakes at Dollar Tree before our party so just keep your eyes open for good deals or better yet make some snowflakes in the sizes you desire on your own!!!
Don't forget you can always let your kids help you cut things out if they are old enough; I know my munchkins really love helping make and cutting stuff out with Mom and they totally got into making snowflakes this winter... 

incase you would rather not freehand your own designs for your party or if you just want more ideas for some winter snowflake fun 
...above is a link for some...

 To switch it up or mix with your paper snowflakes there are these super easy 
made on top of wax paper then remove when dry to decorate and hang wherever you want!!!

Finally to top off our snowflake craftfest I of course had to share these super awesome
above; since it is a Frozen party after all and the kids really got a kick out these!!! 

A princess party is just not complete with crowns right ; )
We used our Elsa and Anna Glitterfic Crowns as Party Favors, Hats, Kid Crafts, and as part of our Table Place Settings
I like to call them "glitterfic" because they have the look of glitter without actually using glitter; saving us from a big mess but still letting us take pleasure in the sparkle look we love!!! each girl arrived she got to pick a crown color and then we used clear tape due to the fact it was faster and easier then glue to put them together and fit their individual head sizes which worked out nicely in helping the crowns to stay put during the party...

Table Decor:
I used plastic goblets to give the look of frozen crystal; created a sparkling snowflake covered center piece display; then stacked square paper plates and napkins with snowflakes on top of each other alternating angles for the rest of the place settings so the table would have a frozen princess ballroom air to it for the party!!!

...our Frozen Party was for a large group of mainly five and six year olds so paper and plastic was a must...

...most party stores carry the Frozen Elsa/Anna blowout toys that we used as our plate centerpieces on top of the snowflakes which also double as another party favor for the little ones to take home... 

Outfits and Party Supplies:
We bought our Frozen blowout toys from where we also purchased a Frozen ballon package along with my son and daughter's Frozen halloween costumes/dress-ups; including the special coronation dress for the Birthday Girl who we knew we would be needing it for her up and coming
 Frozen Birthday

...our birthday girl in her princess Anna Coronation Outfit with her Frozen Build-a-Bear and the "life size Rapunzel Barbie;" dressed in her big brother's Olaf costume at her Nonnie's (Grandma's) house where we usually host our children's birthday parties since our home is a bit squishy to fit 16-20 giggling girls and four of their big brothers along with all the adults who stay for the party...

...this was the Boys Olaf Table I put together for them...
 ...the Olaf Piggy Bank in the center piece was from Target and my daughter was stoked to take it home after the party; the paper plates, snowflakes, and napkins were all from Dollar Tree; the Styrofoam snow men were different size foam snowballs from Micheal's craft store that we cut in half and staked; the table cloth, goblets, and stand Olaf is sitting in were all pieces we already had at home...

"We finish each others sandwiches"
Of course we had to have sandwiches since they refer to them in the movie; we made a bunch of petite four sandwich squares and put them on our cupcake stand that I had added one of the large snowflakes to the top with a 
Frozen Quote Sign: 

...the delightful webpage above has some really adorable... 
that we used as well as the larger 
"we finish each other's sandwiches;" sign 
also check out 
for more fabulous free party prints and ideas

...the link above takes you to a webpage with lots of free and inexpensive printable packages and is where I found the free cupcake printables that cut in diamond shapes and added to toothpicks for each one of our sandwiches on the cupcake stand...

...we provided both 
"Elsa & Ana Punch;" and "Kristof's Ice" in Ice Water
for refreshments at our party...
...We used Fresca and Crystal Light to make our ice clear Frozen Punch but you can always use food coloring or the recipe linked above if you rather have blue punch instead..

....there are a few more free prints for the refreshments we planned on having from the webpage linked below; mainly for the 
 we had for fun for everyone to try; you can put out with truvia or powdered sugar to dust over them or dip in vanilla yogurt topping or white chocolate depending on what your preference is 

...besides "Frozen Heart's;" aka Frozen Strawberries we had... 
"Olaf Noses;" aka Carrots with "Melted Snow;" aka Fat Free Ranch Dip
 along with "Elsa's Snowflakes" aka Smart Pop Popcorn and some 
  "Sven's Antler's" aka thin Pretzel Crisps 
...most of which we bought from Costco and Target before proceeding to put them all in some containers I had already placed in a snowman type shape with the signs we cut and printed from above.... 

...we just couldn't resist making some of these super cute 
Olaf String Cheeses
my children had a blast making them using some of my sharpies; they were super simple and one of my kids favorite things they helped me put together for the party... 

My munchkins made some with eyes and a few with sunglasses too; since we know Olaf really likes summer! ; )

...we figured what better way to Celebrate a Frozen Birthday then with a... 
Frozen Ice Cream Birthday Cake!!! 
I used to make the whole cake when my kids were younger and still do from time to time but since most of my family including myself is not a big fan of regular cake the last few years we've gone with our 
Favorite Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen
 Dairy Queen ice cream cake flavors are the absolute yummiest and always get demolished at the parties we have!!! I love that they don't use any cake mixed in their ice cream cakes like some other places who make ice cream cakes but then you find out it's half cake and half ice cream 
We love that Dairy Queen's Ice Cream Cakes are completely made of Ice Cream No Cake Mix 
just how we like it no half and half mix; plus Dairy Queen has lots of flavors; but the original is still great if you didn't get a chance to order before hand or have a cake mishap of some sort and have to pick up another cake the day of the party; which happened at one of my sons parties once ; ) little sweet heart blowing out her candles with the help of her big brother and one of her other many cousins!!! After I pick up the cake from Dairy Queen I like to personally decorate the top of the cake for the party; for our Frozen Ice Cream Cake I added cool whip to the top to make it look more like snow and the adorable miniature Frozen Barbie set we order for my daughter online to the top of the cake which she was elated to see and get to take home to play with after the party...

For Activities:

...includes fun coloring mazes we used as well ton of other great frozen printables and activities...  

I've always found having a bunch of coloring pages on hand to keep the girls busy while the other guest are still arriving is a wonderful way to keep them happy and occupied!!!

A few of our cute party girls coloring with the birthday girl; we printed most of the color pages you see in the photo from 
who have a incredible array of Kids Coloring Pictures including 35 Free Frozen Coloring Pages

...while I wish my daughters hair had stayed in better and I had take a photo of it sooner; the fact is she got her mother's and grandmother's extremely fine hair so all the hairspray in the world just won't keep our energetic little princesses whispies in for long; especially when she is playing and having lots of fun but that doesn't stop her from loving and constantly asking me to do princess hair for her... 
For our little K's Birthday Coronation Ball look above I did a Wrap Around Braid with a Top Bun starting with a Partial French Braid at the Bottom Back of Her Hair 

For those of you who have more luck in the hair department with more thick and durable hair then our family's the 
is super awesome and oh so adorable and includes the gorgeous hairdos you see in the movie!!!

...face painting is always an option that the kids adore but we decided to skip out on the paint for our party this time since it tends to rub off on everything and this was a dress up party with a lot of white for a snowy world... ;)

We did however bring back the Facial Glitter we bought from Garden Village and have had since my daughter's Fairy Princess Birthday Party but used as our "Elsa's Ice Crystals;" for the girls to add to their faces for her
Frozen Party

...for our next activity we debated between... 
Pin the Crown on Elsa and Ana
Pin the Nose on Olaf

The link above is full of frozen Elsa and Ana images and all kinds of other Frozen Printables and ideas to help you find more of your favorites for your party!!!

...while we loved our pin the crown idea we decided to go with Olaf at the last minute since the girls actually wanted to wear the crowns we made almost the entire time and it was easy for me to quickly hand sketch and cut out an Olaf while each of the little ones colored carrots and had one of us adults help cut out their own uniquely designed Olaf nose to "pin" aka tape on him...

I cut and drew this guy in a rush since we changed our minds at the last minute so he is definitely not my best work of art but did just fine for serving his purpose and the kids loved him so that's all that really matters anyway right ; )

Any who for those of you who don't like to draw or have the time and would rather just print off an Olaf I found this Darling Olaf Above 

If you have a Frozen party there is no way you are getting out of there without hearing this song at least once ; ) the girls just love singing and dancing to it
We have both: 
as well as the
My kiddos are always delighted to play, sing, and dance to their Just Dance Kinect 2015 for Xbox Game that has quite a few songs my munchkins really adore singing and dancing too on it and makes for a great gift for the kids to enjoy and get moving too!!! our big take home party favor we bought
 Ribbon Dancer Wand Streamers
 for the girls in Elsa and Anna colors and let them go into the theatre room to dance and sing it out to their favorite Frozen songs... 
This was honestly the Biggest Hit of the Party and I kid you not they probably could of Sang and Danced with their Ribbon Wands the entire party and hours on end!!!

The above photo links to a
of the girls singing and dancing; which was seriously to cute and the most heart warming thing for all of us parents to watch them dance with joy on their faces and hear them all singing together then chanting "again again;" when the song was over!!!

Thankful we had saved present time for the end because it was basically the only way we could get the girls to stop singing and dancing so their parents could take them home ; )

Our tradition has been to create a Gift Circle around my sweet little girl in a 
Birthday Princess Chair
that way all her friends can see better!!!

I try to stear clear of party favor bags full of lots of little cheap toys since I know and have learned over the years they tend to break easily and typically get thrown away quickly!

We figure less is more and would rather have one or a few nicer things over lots of little things!!!
 ...I still of course try to look for a good deal as always and try not to spend to much!!! I found these ribbon dancer wands at Dollar Tree had my kids test them out at home; they held up for hours of play for them so I knew I had to go back and get more for the party!!! I was really happy to save myself the time of making ribbon wands as I had originally planned on doing before finding these wands to go with the blowouts, handmade paper crowns and some Olaf hugs pictured below...

...had a nice time putting together the frozen themed baggies with my daughter labeled...
hand signed by my little K and full of a small mix hugs candies that we bought in three flavors; the favorite of which was the carmel hug in gold
check out
webpage and frozen party with this print and few other fun ideas

We hope you heart our Fabulously Frozen Party
Thank you for sharing and supporting our page!!!

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Hopefully you found our Fabulous Frozen Party 
Helpful for Planning 
A Fun Frozen Inspired Day 

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