Monday, January 5, 2015

Family Bedtime Yoga in 10minutes or Less!!!

Simple yoga moves the family can do together to unwind for the evening and increase health & wellness all from the comfort of your bed no matter where you are!!! 

Happy New Year Friends, Fam, and Followers!!! Last year we implemented doing bed time yoga with our kids and have really loved it a lot; the kids constantly ask to do yoga before bed; so as one of our family New Year's goals we decided this year we want to incorporate our bedtime yoga every school night with the rest of our bedtime routine instead of just a doing it a few times a week  ;)  and of course now that we have the blog we are happy to be able to share our routine for those of you who want to join in with our get and stay fit family activity to help improve overall personal health wellness... I especially love this routine for helping to calm down my hyper little ones at the end of the day and to allow for better and more sound sleep as well as help to increase body alignment and their flexability for all their daytime activities they love which for my littles is currently, soccer, football, dance, and gymnastics/tumbling...

Most moves we hold between 1-2minutes; we like to use this time for our kids to practice their dual immersion counting skills by counting slowly to 60 and or 100 in English and then in French. I'll break our personal timing and reps down better with each move posted below...

So without further ado here is a break down of some of the simple moves we like to go through in the flowing order that has worked best for our family...

We like to start with a nice Leg Extension: laying on your back hold your legs strait in the air or prop vertically against the wall. Hold while you calmly Count to 60 or 100 seconds Twice we like do switch between English and French so my kiddos can practice their language counting skills ; )

Next we move on to one my kids favorite moves that always gets them laughing and helps to get their giggles and wiggles out for the night as well as gives you back a little mini self massage; the classic Lullaby Tuck and Rolls: laying on your back curl in your head and wrap your arms around your knees until you in a nice pill ball rolling position; then proceed to roll up and down off your back into upright position. Sometime this move can get a bit wild with the little ones but with time they learn more control and have a lot of fun with it either way. We usually do 10-20 of these Reps Up and Down but you can determine what works best for your family; we started with less and worked our way up ;)

Sometime we'll quickly stretch out flat with our arms above our head (not pictured) before we roll over into our Alligator Pose: (pictured above) pushing arms strait up while pointing toes and arching the back and neck back; we hold this pose for another Dual Counting Session of Either 60 or 100

From there we move into a traditional Childs Pose: where hands stay forward with your head down elongating the neck with your knees bent underneath you and your bottom sitting on you ankles/feet stretching the arms forward for another Set of Counting to 60 or 100 in both English and French

Next we bring out the Cat/Dog Flexes: arching your back upward like a cat while pushing you head and tailbone down and then switching into downward dog by lifting your head and pushing your stomach down to inadvernately arch your spine keeping your bum up in the shape of a dog then alternating between both moves for 10-20 Reps

Progressing back into doing one more Dual Count Session of 60 or 100 in Child Pose 

Then moving into a Meditation Sit: pushing the heals and toes of our feet together bring them in towards the body while resting our hands on our knees then closing our eyes; expelling any bad energy and bringing in only light, good thoughts, and vibes for however long we feel we need for that evening

Finally finishing at Heart Center together before we tuck in with family talk and storybook time!!!

Namaste family, friends, and followers; we hope you enjoy our quick and easy bedtime yoga with the family and have fun making it your own and adding new moves as we do from time to time!!!


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