Monday, September 15, 2014

Thingsthatiheart Photography and Contact Information

Welcome to the thingsthatiheart photography blog section!!! Due to the new blog launch and opening of my pop of boutique we have cut back on openings for photography sessions and have started to concentrate more on travel, still life, product, and inspirational photography series!!! My husband and I will still occasionally do special events (i.e. weddings, birthdays, reunions, ect...) lifestyle, family photos, and portraits sessions upon special request!!! We like to use natural settings and lighting as much as possible!!! All photography from the thingsthatiheart photography team is edited personally by me; 

The photo above was taken by my husband Tim right before we headed down to photograph and film a vow renewal ceremony on the beach in Cancun; Tim's a great GoPro videographer, second photographer, and assistant!!! I'm very happy to have my amazing talented man as part of the thingsthatiheart family and team!!! We really enjoy working together for the larger events to provide better coverage of all those special moments!!!

Please note we reserve the right to change, modify, edit our prices and policies at any point in time!!!

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