Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Getting Festive for the Forth of July

We are ever so thankful for all the men, women, and families who serve our country including many of our own extended family members!!! Thank you for your service so we can all live in the land of the free and home of the brave!!!

You can show your patriotism and gratitude with our personalized Keep Collective jewelry pieces too!!! Also we're sharing a few of our favorite parade, craft, home decorations, printables, delicious fruit infused water drinks and treats to celebrate Independence Day with friends and fam!!! Enjoy OxxO

 Such a fantastically creative way to put a patriotic spin on all the sweet flower headbands out there this spring and summer!!!

We believe in keeping things positive and doing our best to relate and share in ways that with hope enhance, respect, and celebrate ones differences and similarities!!! 

Keeping the sharing and celebratory spirit in mind we wanted to share this super link of 
 for all ages collected over at "Today's Mama" including this stupendous in home confetti fireworks craft!!!

We say yes please to these adorable 
Festive Forth of July FREE Chalk Printables 
to decorate with!!!

If you've been following our blog, pinterest board, or instagram you know I've been trying to find a different cute FREE printables for each Season/Holiday this year to string across and add as an extra festive touch to our front door wreath; so of course when I came across this 
  I just had to go for it and share!!!

 Bonus you can save the image above to print and cut for small door banner as I did for my wreath or follow the photo link for the larger banner letters to add to the rest of your celebration decor!!! 

...we just adore the chalky print above and the plethora of other darling chalk prints for any occasion over at...


You can never go wrong with fresh fruit and cool whip for a quick and easy tasty festive treat ;) We like to do fat free frozen cool whip but since we know that's not everyone cup of tea just go for whatever suites your families fancy!!! To each their own ; ) there is no wrong way to do something and we adore how everyone has their own unique version and twist on things that makes life interesting!!!  

Speaking of twists and yummy things; ice scream is our families "kryptonite;" so if we splurge on a tasty treat it is usually good old ice cream!!! Thus we jumped for joy and had to share this super awesome mini ice scream sunday bar complete with free fabulous patriotic printables!!!

We heart throwing little battery powered lights into mason jars for extra ambiance at night for special occasions; especially when you live in a firework free zoned area as we do!!! Lucky we can still see the big sanctioned firework shows around the state with the family!!!

We've really enjoyed celebrating in 
the last few years since my husband works up there; however; we also have always loved trying new things and squeezing in as much fun and quality time together as we can!!! So for those of you looking for more stellar ways and things going on in Utah/Greater Salt Lake City Area hosts a multitude of events and ways to celebrate!!!

We hope you all have a fun and festive forth!!! Stay safe and thank you to all those who have served our country in any capacity so we can all live in the land of the free and home of the brave!!!

Happy Independence Day

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Ten Terrific Timeless Free Easter Printables!!!

 We're estatic for another wonderful Easter with our family and will be sharing some of our current favorite top ten timeless Free Printables starting with the delightful Easter Banner above!!!

...this beautifully composed calligraphy vintage style egg shaped print above can blend in with most any home decor and is a wonderful conversational piece; also please note if the color palette for any of the prints we share end up not being very cohesive with your decorative space you can always print them as a greyscale version to blend in better...

We try to limit the sugar intake when possible so of course we are over the moon for these awesome kids coupons/privilage cards for the munchkins to find in some of their eggs!!! 

...we can always count on finding wonderful prints over at... 
 in addition to the
created by Yellow Bliss Road with that touch of sparkle that stays in place we adore
 we also came across a set of sign prints based off one of our favorite children stories and songs for this time of year
 free prints below in multiple color options...

 Say hello to these oh so spectacular origami paper art and free printables with a video tutorial link on: 
was a must share and one of our new favorite Easter finds!!!

Use the free printable link above or find cute paper of your own to make and fill these little bunnies with a mini treat for Easter!!!

...stumbled upon these gorgeous prints and figure you can never go wrong with some classic cut outs to decorate basket's, banners, and basically anything else you feel like making timelessly festive...

Next up is a darling easy to assemble geometric egg print box to store and surprise those you love with something eggs-tra ;) special!!!

...last but not least for our terrific timeless collection of easter free printables we heart are these classic
 "Some Bunny Loves You"
 free printables that are simply too sweet not to share and add to your collection of prints...

Wrapping things up here we just couldn't resist sharing this: 
  ...we are over the top loving mixed in with our front door banner we put together and have been doing for each holiday season this year
 to go with our new glitterfic neutrally cohesive with our mountain home wreath display
 we made to keep a bit of sparkle up to celebrate and decorate our door year round...

 Another Big Thank You
...goes out to all the amazing blogs and webpages who share their beautiful free prints and inspiration
 for us all to use in our own special ways to help save time in
sprucing up our lives, decor, and holidays...
Please don't forget to Save, Recycle, and Reuse whenever you can!!!
  As Always We Hope You Enjoyed Our Curated Creative Collection  

Have An Eggcellent Easter

Friday, March 1, 2019

Our Fav Ideas, Fun Food, and Free Printables for St. Patricks Day!!!

One of the main things that we heart as a family is to spread and share the inspiration and joy during the Holidays; thus we have compiled a few our family's favorite finds to add to our usual traditions and decor!!!

...being a busy full time Mompreneur and Domestic Engineer ; ) among the many other roles I have to fill in life; I truly appreciate and find it helpful to have all these incredible blogs and webpages who also share ideas, inspiration, and most of all our favorite...  
Saving us all a gigantic amount of time from creating everything from scratch as we used to do!!!
We really hope you enjoy our 
Collection of Cute Free Prints, Favorite Fun Food, and Decor for St. Patricks Day!!!
This leprechaun door was just to darn adorable not to share first even though it's more on the side of craft decor but we love it ; )

We just adore the sayings incorporated in this darling Irish Blessing display sign!!!

The idea of making bracelets to wear and bring a few extras to school for our little ones friends incase they may have forgotten their green is so sweet and easy with these perfectly puntastic pinch free prints above!!! 

Who doesn't love awesome free photo booth printables to use when taking some silly fun family pictures in St. Patrick's Day getups!!!

 We like to mix and match part of this adorable HGTV DIY Luck Banner with Irish Door Blessings to decorate our front door wreath for St. Patrick's Day and used the rest of the Lucky Banner to decorate by our Leprechan Trap area!!!

As parents we really try to be extra health conscious in sharing, partaking, and imparting knowledge to our children about keeping good daily nutrition and that nature has it's own version of more healthy treats available for everyone to enjoy!!! Click the link above to check out one of our delicious healthy green shake recipes we love to make all the time and is one of the few ways we have our kiddos get more of their daily dose of those healthy veggie greens especially on St. Patricks Day!!!

We can't wait to use these darling paper clover tags to decorate with this year and heart how Lia Griffith has added them to these darling mini classes with party paper straws as well as shares tons of fabulous ideas and paper art on her page!!! She is AAAmazing at Paper Art and Printables!!!

The site linked above has a plethora of fun and spectacular ways to display food for kids!!! We especially adore how making food more fun to look at can truly help get those little picky eaters more interested in eating the good for you stuff ; ) 

Just because we like to eat as healthy as possible doesn't mean we don't love having the occasional tasty treat as much as the next person especially on special occasions!!! ; ) Rice Krispie Treats is one of our few favorite treats that still looks appetizing when turned green and is easy to make into any shape desired for any occasion; I even made a Tiki man shaped cake out of Rice Krispie Treat Mix for my son's Hawaii Tiki Birthday Pool Party a few years ago that was a big hit and super easy to make compared to regular buttercream cake but that's a post for another time right ;) back to the holiday at hand; we just feel it wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without mixing in Lucky Charms as much as possible!!!

Heart Ourselves A "Puntastic" Treasure Hunt ; ) 
...and have since updated this post and shared a flipgram of the one we did this year with some of the rainbow prints you can find through the link above for your next St. Patty's Treasure Hunt and can currently view on our instagram feed...

More Irish Blessings and Prints for your Home or Wherever you Roam!!! 

...our PaPa MOH aka my children's and their cousin's Grandfather constantly gives away $2 bills he gets from the bank to surprise, share, and inspire children everywhere to work hard and learn good saving and spending habits; which is a tradition we really love and he will be remembered well by, however, we did find these cute cards that would be perfect to add with them for an extra special St. Patrick's Day or really any day surprise for the lucky little ones...

...if I'm short on time to make or find a sparkling paper printable or just want a different type of design to mix in when decorating an area I absolutely love to use and discover some good old fashion chalk paper prints to change things up a little; as with the glitter paper prints the best part about printing it on paper is it doesn't come off everywhere but still creates the same sweet esthetics I like to go for...
As always we hope you enjoyed and found our post helpful!!!
Wishing Everyone Happy Crafting &
Many Irish Blessings
As Well As A
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Keep Inspired by Spring: Irish Love, Lucky Charms, & Easter KeepsakeJewelry Designs, Ideas, & Printables!!!

Don't forget to sport and share your lucky charms ; ) Keep inspired and collective this spring with some of our favorite jewelry designs, collections of printables, and ideas to celebrate the season!!! Shop:

 Added these festive fun prints below to our St. Patty's Collection in our home this year and wanted to share them with you!!! For more ideas and to see the rest of our St. Patty's Printable Collection head on over to our previous St. Patrick's post linked below:

We are all about sharing the things we heart and designing beautiful keepsakes to help inspire, reflect, celebrate, and represent the non-tangible things that the mean the most in life as well as inspire positive lifestyle living!!!

Heart and had to add and share these beauties to our
of our favorite inspirational and printable fabulous finds!!!

....hop on over to our... 
...for more of our favorite ideas and free printables to decorate with this season...'s time ;) to fill your baskets with special treats you can enjoy through out the years with our....

New Keep Collective Jewelry Line

We hope you enjoyed our spring holiday collection links and posts!!! 
Would love to hear which are you favorites and help you put together your own customized keeper jewelry piece!!! Contact: